Will the game be published in english?

Yes, in its own time. First of all, we are planning to publish it in our home country, due to what we call “setting similarities”.

How will the game be published?

We plan to publish it mainly by crowdfunding. It’ll help us gather essential feedback and create helpful community.

Will there be miniatures?

We never say never, but design and production of miniatures in the quantity needed for the game is no small feat. For now, we plan to publish the game without miniatures but with good quality components. If the funds allow for it in the future, we’ll try to create miniatures for this game.

When did the project start?

The project started in January 2015. Since then it’s been in various stages of development, worked on by about 3-4 people simultaneously

When will the game be released?

When it’s done :). We want to create the project to the best possible quality before we decide to publish it. Our current deadline is Q4 2017.

Where can I read about the project?