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Choose your hero and delve into the depths of RUINS to fulfill the next ritual. Gain levels, skills and equipment, all of which will help you achieve this difficult undertaking. Tread carefully, as in the darkness of RUINS lay many dangers, decisions and unfortunate events awaiting you. Stand against the power of taint and become the next legend!

Dark One

Regain your powers, get stronger and hunt your adversaries. Upgrade your underlings, use spells and grow your influence to defeat the enemies and interrupt the ritual from completion, to again walk over the fruitful planes and finish the destruction that you started long time ago.

“Explorer” System

Thanks to the specially designed tile revealing system, no one besides the Dark One knows what lays ahead. Another advantage it brings is dynamically generating events, missions and encounters due to actions played when stepping on the map tile. The Explorer System assures that each playthrough brings the unpredictable to the table and still delivers as much fun as in the first run, time and time again.

Gameplay modes


Be a demonic lord and create your own RUINS, increase your strength and use your powers to defeat your enemies — before they disrupt your plans.


Play story-driven narrative missions. Join and replay the events that shaped the world of Ruins.


How long will you and your fellow companions survive against the power of the taint? Fight side by side on the battlefield and defeat waves of enemies.

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